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MMDx at ATC 2020

May 30 - Jun 4, 2020 | Virtual Congress


May 31

10:00 AM EST

MMDx Section:
10:20 AM EST

Plenary Session II
Abstract: 4138 | Katelynn Madill-Thompsen

Molecular Phenotypes Of Liver Transplant Injury: The INTERLIVER Study

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Recorded Events

Microarray And RNA-seq Analysis Of Rejection In Formalin-fixed Paraffin-embedded (FFPE) Biopsies: Comparing FFPE To Conventionally Stabilized (RNAlater Solution) Biopsies

Abstract Confirmation Number:  3527
Session:  Poster Session A: Biomarker Discovery and Immune Modulation
Publication/Poster Board Number:  A-323
Presenter: Konrad Famulski 

Molecular Profiles Of Injury In Heart Transplant Allograft: Relationship To Rejection, Ejection Fraction, And Survival.

Abstract Confirmation Number: 4134
Session: Biomarkers, Immune Assessment and Clinical Outcomes I
Publication Number: 95
Presenter: Philip Halloran 

Evolution Of Molecular Lung Transplant Biopsy Assessment: Rejection Can Be Detected In Mucosal As Well As Transbronchial Biopsies.

Abstract Confirmation Number: 3849
Session: From Bench to Community to Bedside in Lung Transplantation
Publication Number: 88
Presenter: Michael Parkes and Kieran Halloran 

Understanding The Molecular Phenotype Of Kidney Injury

Abstract Confirmation Number:  3846
Session: Biomarkers, Immune Assessment and Clinical Outcomes I
Publication Number:  91
Presenter: Philip Halloran 

Lung Mucosal Biopsies Deteriorate With Time Post-transplant: A Molecular Analysis

Abstract Confirmation Number: 4535
Session: Poster Session B: Lung: All Topics
Publication /Poster Board Number: B-290
Presenter: Michael Parkes 

Molecular Diagnosis Of Rejection In Liver Transplant Biopsies: The INTERLIVER Study

Abstract Confirmation Number:  2635
Session:  Poster Session B: Liver: Immunosuppression and Rejection
Publication /Poster Board Number:  B-130
Presenter: Katelynn Madill-Thomsen 

Natural Course Of Borderline Changes In Kidney

Abstract Confirmation Number: 3586
Allografts: A MMDx Study
Session: Poster Session B: Acute Rejection
Publication /Poster Board Number: B-332
Presenter: Petra Hruba 

Three-month Results Of A Phase 2 Trial Evaluating Clazakizumab In Late Antibody-mediated Rejection – Early Impact Of Interleukin-6 Blockade On Donor-specific Antibody Levels, Rejection Morphology And Gene Expression

Abstract Confirmation Number:  4800
Session: Kidney Chronic Antibody Mediated Rejection
Publication Number:  245
Presenter: Georg Böhmig 

Impact Of Belatacept Conversion On Renal Function, Histology And Gene Expression In Kidney Transplant Patients With Chronic Active Antibody-mediated Rejection

Abstract Confirmation Number: 5369
Session: Kidney Chronic Antibody Mediated Rejection
Publication Number: 247
Presenter: Dhiren Kumar 

A Comparison Of Temporal Gene Expression Patterns In Kidney, Heart, Liver, And Lung Transplant Biopsies

Abstract Confirmation Number:  5289
Session: Biomarkers, Immune Assessment and Clinical Outcomes III
Publication Number:  312
Presenter: Jeff Reeve 

Evolution Of Molecular MMDx Scores After Kidney Transplantation in Different Donor Categories

Abstract Confirmation Number:  3593
Session:  Poster Session C: Ischemia Reperfusion & Organ Rehabilitation
Publication /Poster Board Number:  C-351
Presenter: Petra Hruba 

Calibration Of Donor-derived Cell-free Dna Criteria For Rejection With Molecular Diagnoses Of Kidney Transplant Biopsies.

Abstract Confirmation Number: 5644
Publication /Poster Board Number: C-346
Presenter: Layla Kamal 

The Role Of The Molecular Microscope To Guide Therapy For T-cell Mediated Rejection In Kidney Transplants

Abstract Confirmation Number: 5487
Session: Biomarkers, Immune Assessment and Clinical Outcomes V
Publication Number: 532
Presenter: Dhiren Kumar

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