Sample Collection Guidelines ❯

Kit Contains

  1. Two barcode labels

  2. One 1.2 mL tube containing 1 mL RNAlater® Stabilization Solution

  3. Small clear Biohazard bag

  4. White cardboard box

  5. Requisition Form

  6. FedEx Clinical Pak with prefilled return label




  1. Stick the provided barcode labels on both the requisition form and the sample tube

  2. Provide the labeled sample tube to site where the biopsy will be taken

  3. Collect a minimum of 5mm of biopsy sample. The sample should be immediately removed from the needle
    and placed in the labeled sample tube such that the biopsy tissue is completely submerged in RNAlater® inside
    the tube

  4. Please make sure the sample tube screw cap is fully tightened

  5. Place the labeled tube in the provided small clear biohazard bag

  6. Complete the requisition form and place in the pouch on the biohazard bag

  7. Seal the bag

  8. Place the biohazard bag (including req) inside the carboard box

  9. Place the cardboard box into the provided FedEx Clinical Pak and seal according to the instructions on the
    Clinical Pak

  10. The prefilled label is already on the FedEx Clinical Pak, follow shipping below

Shipping Guidelines ❯

Shipping Options


Ideally: Ship samples to the laboratory immediately after collection at room temperature.


For samples that cannot be shipped immediately:

  1. Refrigerate (4˚C) until shipping for a maximum of 6 days.

  2. Ship overnight at room temperature.


For samples that must be stored longer than 6 days before shipping:

  1. Refrigerate (4˚C) overnight.
    NOTE: This must be done to allow the RNAlater® solution to penetrate the tissue.

  2. Move sample to freezer (-20 ˚C).

  3. Ship overnight at room temperature.

Results Delivery Information ❯

Test results can be accessed by logging in to your account in the Kashi Portal.

If you do not have a Portal account yet, please contact Kashi Clinical Laboratories at 877-879-1815.